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Monday, February 1, 2010

the ball and future projects- yay!

come with us, through time and space, to the land of the mighty POOF.
part of my group-- and you thought homeschoolers didn't have friends!

aren't they lovely?


It's about time I posted pics from the ball/the finished polonaise gown, considering it was a month ago!
The ball was lovely, and the gown was pretty close to perfect. I had only minimal trouble with the front closure (two pins came out whilst getting in/out of the limo) and I ended up taking off my fichu and putting it in one of my pockets during some of the dancing because it kept coming halfway off (grr!). My stays were surprisingly comfortable, although the worst part was not being able to slouch... bad posture, I know.
Anyway, two weeks ago I had major surgery on my hip joint-- long story. I got hurt in soccer two years ago and I'm just now getting it repaired. Needless to say, I've been sitting around doing very little because of it. Even though I have completely neglected posting any pictures , I've been working on a blue linen gown for a possible Williamsburg trip next December/next summer. It's a late 1770s- early 80s polonaise, with a mock zone-front and rutched trim. It's nearly done, except for the trimming and the evil evil evil sleeves... ughhh.... but it's been something to keep me busy whilst I sit.
As far as other projects, I've been meaning to make a jacket out of some white and blue cotton I have, which I'll probably start when I finish the blue gown. It shouldn't be too complicated! Also, I'd really love to make my brothers outfits for the Williamsburg trip, but then I would have to make the frightening venture into the daunting realm of man clothes! (*screams*) It can't be that bad, and I've started some of the research, but the biggest problem most people seem to be having is patterns for breeches. This worries me! Any advice??
Another more current project is making accurate 18th c. clothes for my cousin, Kate. I've been wanting to make some clothes for kids, because they just look easier and hopefully won't take as long to make, and she was the perfect guinea pig, so I'm working on a gown, a few petticoats, a fichu and a shift for her. She already has some of my old gowns from when I was little and a few mob caps that belonged to me! Recycling is awesome. :)
well, that's it for the time being!