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Sunday, April 17, 2011


So, being too lazy to post about any of the seemingly hundreds of projects I've been working on (anybody else feel that spring is awful for CADD?!), I decided to post some pictures of a few blue gowns I really love. The first two are from the KCI, I believe... I'm not good about keeping up with sources. Just for fun, I put links to fabric that looks similar to the gowns. Click the pictures! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Flat-Crowned Hat Experiment and New Fabric

I have wanted to try out Madame Berg's flat-crowned hat tutorial for awhile now, so I made a few changes and stitched together my own version!
Measuring out the crown! After I stitched the crown to the brim! :) I didn't soak the crown to reshape it because my placemats were a synthetic. I made it so it would be slightly higher where the back of my head is and taper down towards the front of the hat.

The finished product! I made it to match my sack gown. :)

The ribbon rosette. :)

A closeup of the antique button.

And now, the fabrics I have for my two upcoming projects! The one above is for an 18th century-inspired dress for graduation. (48 days!)

I found this fabric (the one below) at Wal-Mart and it reminded me of a certain gown... anybody want to guess which one? :) It's going to be a round gown for a Williamsburg trip. :)

Ball pictures will come in the next post! :)