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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home Education Day at the New Market Battlefield

This past week here in Virginia, we thought spring had arrived... until yesterday. When we got up this morning to leave for New Market it was blowing snow!

I wore my new 1860's day dress and the wool spoon bonnet I made. :)

My awesome friend and fellow history buff and seamstress, Abigail. I'll be helping make 18th century clothing for her and her 7 siblings soon, so I'm sure you'll be seeing some posts on that!
Bundled up. Brr....


  1. A costumer in Virginia and around my age too? Whaaaat! *does happy dance* exciting!

  2. woot! what part of VA are you from? ^_^

  3. I'm from around Richmond, so the center of the states

  4. oh fun! i'm here in roanoke with intentions to move myself to little wytheville soon. we totally need a VA costumer meetup... hmmm.... in williamsburg...?