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Monday, November 30, 2009


On Thanksgiving, I started/completed my shift IN ONE DAY! It's all machine done, but I'm so proud of it that I don't really care. I made it out of muslin, which was good because it was cheap, and I have leftovers for whatever I need it for later! ^_^ So, thus far, my whole 18th c. wardrobe has cost under $150, which makes me very happy. The most expensive things were the red petticoat I bought and the material, which was around $70, with several leftover yards of each.
My current projects I've got going:
-18th c. straw low crowned hat: I've put pictures of this on facebook, and will have these up on here after exams are over. Tis pretty much finished, but I'm really craving some feathers for it.
-Owl apron: So my mum looked far and wide because she wanted to find me an apron with an owl on it for Christmas, because I love anything with owls and she wants me to learn to cook better. She couldn't find one, so she bought me a pattern and some cute owl material!!! Pics will follow. 0,0
-Embroideried stomacher-- Just a random project to keep me busy. I've no gown to wear it with, but oh well.
This week is finals!!!! GRR. But afterwords is the ball!!! Yay! I've even been asked, too... Mr. Amazing reserved me months ago! ^^
So, that's it for the moment. Better posts with pictures of EVERYTHING will come as soon as exams are over.

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