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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So last night after getting home from classes I got lazy about doing homework and energetic about working on my dress, and HUGE PROGRESS WAS MADE. Last week, I drew up my pattern for my robe a la anglaise and cut out the material. So the pattern I had on hand was an embarassing simplicity 'colonial' pattern, and that would NEVER do. NEVER NEVER NEVER. *gag.* But the invitation for the ball came and I have less than two months to finish this project, so ordering a new pattern and waiting forever and a day for it to come was not an option. Therefore, I basically dissected the pattern I have! I had some lovely brown paper that a picture come back from framing had been wrapped in, so that got used for the final pattern. I used my embarassing pattern and photographs of original dresses as guidelines. ANYWAY, I cut out the lining for the bodice from some white taffeta leftover from my blue and white gown from the ball last year. I also cut out everything for the outer part too. i put it all together, and YAY, I think my pattern worked!! :D

I intend to work in it more tonight... Got to admit I'm dreading the sleeves. :/ Oh, and if any of yall have advice on the best way to pin the front of your gowns shut I would appreciate it.

well, that's it for the time being!


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