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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vote and I will give you a cookie.

Okay, maybe not, but I do need yall's opinion.
This being the senior year of fabled greatness, I have a few formal events coming up which, of course, require my wearing fabulous vintage/historical clothes.
I can't help but be inspired by the ever stylish clothes worn by Audrey Hepburn! Who could resist such loveliness? So, vote on which one is best and I'll make it!

This dress is from Love in the Afternoon. I love the blue bow at the waist!

The little black dress from Sabrina.

The ever-classic Givenchy gown from Breakfast at Tiffnay's!

Vote, please! :D


  1. I vote for Love in the Afternoon dress, but it looks hard-ish, so my second vote is for the LBD from Sabrina. Very classic, lovely, super flattering. I believe Vogue has a "vintage vogue" pattern that's very very similar, right now.

  2. I vote for love in the afternoon dress- even though I would add straps. it doesn't look that difficult- it'll just take some thinkin'.

  3. I think the LBD from Sabrina is going to suit your face and figure best. It's a GREAT dress.

    Love in the Afternoon has the potential to look too frilly and a little frumpy if not done perfectly, and the Breakfast at Tiffanys dress is too old for you.

  4. I second Dreamstress 100%. The Sabrina dress is delightful and lovely. Dressing older than your age is a bad idea, you look back and shake your head over it.

  5. I like the first one, it's very elegant.