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Monday, June 6, 2011

Blue and White/Help Me!

I can't help it- I love blue and white together! On our recent trip to Williamsburg, I couldn't resist this blue and white roller-print cotton, partially because it matches the dishes I bought at Target! (seriously, how cool is target!?)

I love it!

It just begs to be a pet-en-l'air! I even did a quick mock up of the back to see how much I liked it. The only problem is, I have two yards. Do you all think that will be enough, if I piece where necessary and make it short? Opinions please!


  1. How wide is the fabric? 2 yards might be pushin' it. When I did my pet I found I needed more fabric than I thought in both the back pleats and the side pleats.

    Target IS that awesome. So is that fabric! I'm going to have to take an empty suitcase to Williamsburg I think.

    You simply must have a tea when you're finished, to show off both the dishes and the pet :-D

  2. It will be so lovely!