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Friday, June 17, 2011

Corsets and Parasols and My Furry Dog and Birthdays!

So, today I turned 18! And, because I like my birthday, I decided to post some of the things that are making me happy today!

The first one is my new mid-Victorian corset! My old one was awful and it hurt. So, I spent all day yesterday making this new one to wear to a ball tomorrow. I made it out of that pink toile which failed as a graduation dress, but is perfect for corsets.

I know it's not perfect, and there are wonky wrinkles which will go away when I replace the plastic bones with spiral steel, but now, I am not afraid of corset-making. All those curves always scared me, which is why I loved my stays so much. But now, I feel like I can do this whole corset thing!

I am still afraid of setting grommits though. Those are metal rings covered by hand sitched eyelets. I wore this corset today and it was really really comfortably and the eyelets did not tear!

The second thing is this parasol! I got it for.... wait for it.... FIVE BUCKS!! FIVE! at an antique shop nearby. I think it looks to be from about 1890... what do yall think?

The cover has some rust stains on it-- the fabric is extremely fragile in these places-- and there are some small holes and fading. However, the frame is in good shape and I just love it!

And last but not least, my furry buddy Radar, who probably hates me for putting that stupid bow in his hair. XD


  1. Happy birthday! Just 18 and you are SO accomplished!!

  2. Wow what a trio of birthday delights :) I hope you post pictures from your ball for us to enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday! You did a great job on your first corset, and the parasol is such a great find!

  4. Happy Birthday! I want a parasol so bad, but wouldn't a corset hurt? I mean, you're smashing your insides practically, but just for the record I haven't worn one

  5. The dog is adorable!!!